Help, control freak!

So I thought I had Steev comfortably set up here renting a room with a woman who lives alone. Her kids are married and have left home. We figured it would be an ideal home away from home. Well, at the very least, he would have an occasional home-cooked meal or two.

What we didn’t anticipate was that this woman would turn out to be such a … well, read on!

First she said the rental was negotiable but when Steev tried to negotiate, she wouldn’t give in. Later she said she would throw in the groceries so Steev wouldn’t have to worry about that part. But in the course of 2 short weeks, she went back on her word and told Steev to get his own groceries.

Then she said she doesn’t cook and that he shouldn’t expect her to. Fine. But then she started cooking dinner for him almost every night. One day, she suddenly decided she wasn’t going to cook any more. Steev was overjoyed, of course, because according to him, her cooking sucks and she made him finish every last bite 😆 !

That’s not all. She had a list of house rules longer than your arm and mine combined. Just to give you a sampling (this is not the full list, mind you):

  • Don’t ever bring your friends home.
  • Don’t ever leave a single drop of water on the taps and around the sink, on the table or ANYwhere.
  • Don’t ever leave the toilet bowl uncovered.
  • Don’t ever do laundry between 7:00am and 7:00pm.
  • Don’t touch my thermostat settings.
  • Don’t close your bedroom door!
  • Always fill the water filter pitcher to the fullest.
  • Always keep ALL the windows and doors in the house closed and ALL the shades down!

That last one really got me! I’m going, the woman’s got to be crazy!! What’s she got to hide, sexy adult costumes?!!

Granted she’s been living alone for over a decade, still I think if she’s going to take in a renter, she should at least cut them some slack. Not this woman, she just keeps creating new rules and revising the old ones!

I honestly can’t leave Steev with this control freak, living in a cooped-up home with no ventilation, and not know what else she will come up with next. So we set off hunting for an apartment…

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