Hooked on cooking shows

Like I said I’m not a big TV fan. You can hardly find me watching more than 3 hours of TV a year. But here, I’m totally hooked on Food Network. It’s a never-ending parade of chefs whipping up meal after meal after meal.

My favorite chefs to watch are Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee and Tyler Florence. I love how Rachael Ray has 2 or 3 dishes going on at the same time. That’s very real for me because that’s how I cook, I multi-task 😉 .

I love Sandra Lee’s tips too on saving money and using both fresh and prepacked items to save time. Again this combining fresh and storebought is very real for me. So it’s great to watch and learn.

And Tyler is very interesting because he talks about being hungry and can’t wait to eat what he cooks. That’s me too!! I’m an impatient person and his pace of cooking is pretty similar to mine – dancing back and forth and getting everything quickly together.

Do you watch cooking shows? Who’s your favorite and why?

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  • Sommer J

    I love any show having to do with food!!! I am a foodaholic! I, too, love Tyler Florence as well as Bobby Flay, Ina Garten, Nigella and shows like Come Dine With Me where home cooks compete for best food/dinner party

  • Cheryl

    Oh yeah, I’m a Food-Network-Junkie, LOL! My tv is on Food Network ALL day! My faves are: Giada, Rachael, Paula, Sandra, Guy, Tyler…oh boy, this list is too long, LOL!

    I used to HATE to cook, until many years ago (when she had just started) Rachael…her 30-minute meals got me hooked, and I have almost all of her and Giada’s cookbooks…some of Sandra’s and Paula’s too!

    I think tho that Giada is my fave to watch. I just LOVE her kitchen, and how she makes everything look so clean, easy and pleasing to the eye!

  • jennifer

    I like Rachael Ray because like you said, she’s got a lot going on and she never misses a beat. she makes it look really easy and she just keeps talking