Just wonderin’

You know what? I thought I would have lots more photos to share but I’ve been mostly car-less and housebound, hence not many photo opportunities. Anyhow, here are a few. Hope you enjoy them and have a great weekend!

Flowers growing near Whole Foods where we had a simple healthy lunch. Amazing how these flowers remain so pretty and fresh in this scorching weather. I’m all wilted and dried up the minute I step out into the sun!

We spent half a morning wandering among the giant shelves of Costco wondering, if I buy this 96-pack of granola bars or 20 lbs of coffee, will we be able to finish eating everything by the turn of the century 😆 ??!!

Seriously, you would need a document management system to track everything you see in a store this size! And after checking the giant bags of gummy bears and M and M’s my daughters wanted me to bring home, we were starved and stopped for this.

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  • Victoria

    I love to eat at Whole Foods. I especially like their selection of iced teas and such. The flowers are definitely a plus. It sounds like you had a good day! 🙂

  • brooke

    I can’t stay in places to long esp if they have a bunch of deals or bargain signs hanging around, looks like you had a great time with some decent food!

    Visit From BFF!