Charting a new string of firsts

Don’t get me wrong, I love being here though it might take me a while to get the hang of the peace and quiet of being home alone. Anyhow it’ll only be for a few weeks.

What’s exciting is Steev coming home with stories about college. I can’t believe we’re still charting those ‘firsts’ even now that he’s in college! He’s grown up so much since we got here a week ago. Things like doing a budget, writing checks, worrying about me when I take the bus alone. I’m watching these transformation happening right before my eyes.

And my girls, I miss them. I’m talking to them back home every single day, eager not to miss a beat. Looks like they’ve got things pretty much under control especially in the cooking department. Yup, my girls have taken over my kitchen and are cooking up a storm, wow! Who knows, I may have to retire as family chef sooner than I thought and thumb through healthcare job listings to find a new “job” 😉 .

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  • Karyn Climans

    My eldest son started university last year. He was living in residence and he definitely matured but I think that the changes will be even bigger this year now that he’s living in his own apt. He’ll be responsible for cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping etc on top of a very heavy course load. I remember how much I grew up when I was forced to pay my own bills etc when I got my own apt. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in him this year.

  • Greta

    I have a five year old (almost six) who is starting kindergarten in a week. Everyone keeps telling me I will cry his first day, but really, I am proud of the boy he is becoming and couldnt be happier of how darn lucky I am to have such a smart and beautiful child. It’s good to know that the “firsts” don’t stop for a while. Every first for us is a super proud moment.

    I like your site and I am glad to find another awesome bloggy mom out there!