Too much of a good thing?

So here I sit, Steev’s gone to class and the thing that strikes me is this certain what do you call it… quiet. A quiet that I’m so unaccustomed to.

On any regular day back home, I’d be dashing in and out the door every other hour, picking up one teen, dropping off the other, and my car would be so full of tales from school and college and plans for the weekend that I can’t even hear myself think!

So let’s face it, there aren’t many any days like this when I’d be home with no alarms going off relentlessly on my cell phone and computer (sometimes on both at the same time), no place to go, nothing to do except sip my tea and watch the minutes tick by till Steev walks in the door.

Yeah, so this feels weird, you know. Usually I’d be cooking up a storm, a huge pot of something or other! But here, who am I going to cook for here?!! Hmm, so I end up munching on the simplest meals you can imagine and I have all day to get through my lunch.

Guess what? Forget the mommy time sans kids. I’ll have the noisy banter, kitchen clanking, loud music and traffic madness any time. That is so much more fun. This quiet is a little too much for me!

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