Of wobbly airplanes and monster trucks

I’m back with the photos and updates as promised. The thing about little aircrafts is that they kinda dip from side to side and make your tummy churn. Interesting how the noise of that engine makes everyone shut up immediately 😆 . I did a brave thing and took a picture just above San Francisco before my knuckles turned blue from my deadly grip on my seat!

This was my first meal after we landed. Tacos! Haven’t had them in ages so you can imagine how they made my tastebuds dance! So incredibly delicious.

And this here is my dream car monster truck! Now close your eyes and imagine Hip to be Mom sitting way up there and tearing down the highway in one of these! Cool, huh!

Just a few of the things that got me real excited 😯 .

Anyhow I spent the past couple of days running around with Steev on various errands. It’s scorching weather, and me and my umbrella, well, we’re are BFFs now. Wish Mary Poppins could see me now 😛 !!

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