Are we living the high life now?

Is it me or are high school proms a rip-off these days? In my day, there were no high school proms so my folks got off lucky 😆 . These days, they have a graduation ceremony where we have pay like $50 for our teen to receive a bunch of flowers and scroll on stage.

Then there’s the formal high school prom held at a hotel, no less! Mind you, my kids are not even in private schools. During Steev’s time 3 years ago, we paid $75 for the prom held at a somewhat obscure hotel.

These days, it’s not just high school any more, we’re also leading the high life! The school has ‘moved us up’ to a posh 5-star hotel where we have to fork out $180 for the dinner and dance. Remember we haven’t factored in the cost of that evening gown, purse, shoes, accessories and hairdo yet 😯 !!

Not to say that I’m a Scrooge or anything when it comes to one-time events like these. But is it really necessary to have an event this posh for teens who, by the way, aren’t making their own money yet and still have a long ways to go before they should even think to spend half that amount for a night out?

I think they’re doing just fine without being given the impression that they need to live beyond their means to have a good time! The organizers, of all people, should know better! What are they thinking?

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  • RE - RecycledFrockery

    oooo I am so with you on this one. why not let the kids actually do some work and make their own prom and give the experience of being together a chance; rather than pretending to be rich and famous for one night. reality is priceless

  • dina

    it’s funny, i am 39 and from nj, i always thought that was how proms were until i moved to colorado, and saw the kids going out to dinner before…we always had a prom in a hotel with a sit down dinner, dj’s, limos, fancy dresses…the works. I think in 1989 i spent around 400-500.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t remember how much my prom was but I’m thinking $50 per couple. no dinner, just a dance at the top of some bank building downtown. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I went because I thought I should, but it really wasn’t worth it.

  • Crystal

    When I went to prom, the cost of a ticket included dinner served at the prom. Now, my friends’ kids go out to dinner before prom because dinner is NOT included in their expensive ticket. And of course, they want to go somewhere nice (expensive) for dinner! And there has to be a limo, and an amusement park the next day… It’s a racket!

  • Jacque

    Things are definitely more extravagant than they need to be these days (at least I think so too). I just have a middle schooler that always needs money for something – his thing is sports teams. Are you serious? Who travels to a different state every other week just for games? It gets to be quite expensive! I can’t even imagine by the time he gets to prom – we’ll be shelling out hundreds just for the one night. Personally – I would like to discourage this type of doing things beyond our means but his dad (that he lives with) is totally into it. I think there needs to be some balance to what is reasonably affordable and necessary versus the crazy expensive option!