Look who just turned one!

So hard to believe Tyson’s been with us for a year now. He came to us when he was about 6 weeks old and yesterday he turned one! In this year, he’s gone from cute and playful… to super inquisitive and destructive… to more controlled and sociable now.

He looks forward to his evening walks to the park and visiting with his friends who live down the road. Before, he used to be intimidated by the bigger, less friendly mutts but now he feels he’s big enough to stand up to them 😉 .

Before, we used to worry that he would charge right out to the road and go missing. Now he seems to keep himself in check and even if he does wander outside for a quick sniff or two, he knows to turn around and come back home.

Just look at this cheeky face he puts on when begging for treats!

Well, he got a nice juicy fake bone for his birthday so you can bet those poor puppy dog eyes lit up like stars 😆 ! He got tired of his bone after one day. Now the girls stick treats into both ends of the bone and His Greediness is loving it again.

Happy Birthday, Tyson, we love you and though you’re such a little garden destroyer, we’re glad you’re one of the family!

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