That and the perfect excuse for a vacay

So guess what? I’ve decided to go along with Steev to set him up in his new environment. To be honest, it wasn’t an easy decision and if there were a way for a mom to be in two places at one time, I would’ve signed up for it right away.

My girls need me here. I’m their taxi driver and master chef. But sometimes there are other priorities and a mom just has to do what a mom has to do even if it means some of us may have to do without her for a few weeks. I’ll miss my girls, of course and they’ll miss me too but they’ve been very understanding in this respect. They know I’d do the same for them.

Hip2bDad and I would feel much better knowing Steev’s nicely settled into his new place and new schedule. We’re the sort of parents who just need to know where our kids are at and how they’re doing. Besides it’ll be a nice little break for me too from my taxi runs and school lunch deliveries. So yeah, California, here I come!