A shame we have only two feet

So we headed to the mall first thing. Seems like it’s our weekend routine these days. This is a mall I used to frequent with a girl friend from work when I was a fresh-faced kid at my first real job. Fast forward to the present and now my kids are just finding out why this used to be their mom’s favorite hangout.

Raine and I just skipped along from store to store trying out shoes, shoes and more shoes. Each pair was cuter, prettier and more exciting than the last 😯 !! Here we are, trying to decide! Two feet trying on three shoes!

Skye was utterly bored out of her wits and started snapping pictures of our shoe insanity on her hidden camera. Hip2bDad and Steev had long abandoned us to camp out at a computer store somewhere!

Four hours later, Raine had 4 new pairs to her name – 2 wedges and 2 flats. And I finally decided on this pair of wedges. So comfy, so cute, so me! Like it? *bats eyelids*

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