What are your most favorite and least favorite items of clothing to…

… try on? Self-confessed shopaholic that I am, I find a certain thrill, a feverish excitement about trawling the malls for clothing and accessories.

I just can’t wait to try on fashion jewelry and shoes…

… but hate trying on pants.

How’s about you? Come on, spill the beans!

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  • jennifer

    I hate trying on most clothes, I have the weirdest body. my upper body is a size 6, very tiny shoulders too. so a lot of shirts don’t fit me right. and then my lower half is a ten, so this makes shopping for a lot of things hard. i hate trying on pants. HATE IT. i also have very skinny feet and can’t wear any slip on shoes. my life is so hard!!!!!

  • Angelia

    Well, fifty pounds ago, I LOVED trying on clothes. Now….I look fat! I haven’t even wanted to go wedding dress shopping (two months away). I have no willpower when it comes to food.

  • Angela

    I love to shop but I hate trying clothes on period. I still have that little bit of flab I can’t tone that makes me look like I have a “muffin top” that I can just do without:(

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