Breathless but it’s not what you think!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym. But I love it even more when it’s empty. Devoid of others, um, let’s just call them superhumans aka those who insist on switching OFF both the air-conditioning and fans in the gym, those who don’t need to breathe when they exercise, what do we call them again??!!

Here I am, spewing perspiration and gasping for air in my sleeveless top and shorts. There they are, wearing long sleeves and long pants, huddled over cardio machines wrapped up in thick towels!!

Note there’s only one window, which is sealed shut, and only one fan whirring away! Overhead there are 32 light bulbs burning their way through the tops of our heads! What’s up with the spotlights already? Are we looking for needles in a haystack here?

Oh and while we’re at it, could we please be allowed to exchange some of that carbon dioxide for oxygen? I can only assume folks work out to stay healthy. Um, stupid question. Without oxygen, could we be defeating the purpose – possibly?

That said, the fan and air-conditioning won’t cause you to catch the chill of death no matter what your grandmother told you! Those old wives’ tales really have to go, people!! But if you insist on shutting off the air circulation, then you’re obviously in the wrong place. You should be in the sauna! Savvy?

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  • Christy

    Well having it be so hot definitely forces more calories to be burned. But all that hot air can’t be good for the equipment either. Is there a suggestion box?

    • Clairity

      I don’t know about burning calories or if we’ll even survive to tell the tale 😆 . But yes, I’m looking for the suggestion box. Haven’t found it yet but they’ll definitely be hearing from me.

  • Tina

    That would drive me crazy! I have to feel comfortable while working out. I like to get a hardcore sweat on but not like I’m going to pass out. Plus, you work harder in appropriate temps. Crazy people.

  • Angelia Sims

    That is why I dread the gym! It’s stuffy and HOT, not to mention all the sweaty people!

    I have been (when I workout that is) going outside lately. I still have a gym membership but haven’t gone in forever. Another thing I can’t stand is when people wear perfume.

    I am extremely allergic and really? It doesn’t help. LOL.

    Do they still sell those ice bandanas? Maybe you could wear one of those on your neck. 🙂