Our kind of weekend

So we stumbled upon a new (to us) shopping mall on our way to a cousin’s wedding recently. This mall is pretty out of the way for us so we weren’t really aware of its existence. But it looked promising so we decided to check it out Saturday!

The place is huge. Land is cheaper on the outskirts and mall rental too, I reckon, as things seemed to be cheaper there. Maybe it was purely psychological, I don’t know, but our guys ended up with a heap of shirts and pants at $30-50 each which are normally priced at $300+!

Raine came away with 2 tops and 2 pairs of shoes and hasn’t stopped smiling since. Even the biggest losers, Skye and me, came away with 1 pair of jeans each 😛 ! Looks like we bought everything!

Between the 5 of us, we came away with 7 shopping bags filled to bursting. You can only see 5 bags and 2 pairs of shoes here. There’s 2 ecobags not in the picture 😆 !

We aren’t normally this crazy (or are we 😛 ?) but we’ve been so starved of retail therapy lately. And speaking of starved, lunch was (from bottom left) a sumptuous feast of blanched lettuce topped with fried shallots, steamed chicken, tofu in spicy black bean sauce, pot stickers and Thai-style fish in a tangy spicy sauce! Yums!

I would stop here but you know what? We went home so tired we stepped in the door and literally passed out on the sofa! And when we were nicely rested, we skipped out again later in the evening for another feast! Happy days 😀 !

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