That elusive pair of sneakers

Gone are the days when I was the Queen of Fashion Decisions in the family. Back then, shopping was a breeze. I’d grab whatever I thought would look good on everyone – neckties and shirts for Hip2bDad, shorts and shirts for Steev, dresses, jeans and hair accessories for the girls – and usually ended up with nothing for myself (why do I always forget myself?).

Anyhow, no one ever complained about my choices whatever colors, lengths or styles. Everyone had complete trust in Mom’s good taste. Well, Mom still has a hip fashion sense (ahem!) but apparently teens want to have their say too. Shopping has gotten a tad more challenging since. Some days, we practically have to trawl the mall just to net that elusive pair of shoes or that impossible pair of jeans!

Recently we got just the perfect sneakers for the girls. They’re as hip and fiesty as holiday cards, don’t ya think?

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