So we were at the wedding of a cousin recently and this is what my teens were doing. Cell phones and PDAs in hand, they were having a roaring time challenging each other to games, much to the disapproval of an elderly gentleman sitting nearby!

If there’s a way to tear a teen away from their cellphone, I’d like to hear about it. Honestly! Lately we’ve even had laptops on the breakfast table. I had to put an end to that, pronto!

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  • Kari

    My 14 yr. old daughter is the same…her cell phone or iPod touch is constantly in her hands. We are constantly getting on her about it. We had to make a rule no cell phones at the dinner table.

  • Jennifer

    question for you regarding comments
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  • Lolo

    Sorry, no help. My little one is only 14 month. I have problems with him wanting to play with my cell phone. hehe
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  • Sofia

    You could always make it a rule. If they bring their laptops and/or phones to the table you will take them away. They’ll probably go on about how life is so darn unfair and how this will ruin their lives forever but a rule is a rule. And like my dad always used to say, “As long as you are living under my roof, you will go by my rules”. And so it was.
    I am so not looking forward for the day my boys are teens.