Fuzzy with a chance of hitting the right path

Right, so we’ve got another teen at the crossroads now. Raine will be finishing high school this year and she’s trying to figure out what she wants to do next. Not surprising since school is abuzz with this topic lately, compounded by the fact that colleges are making their promotional rounds at high schools to recruit students for their next intake.

Suddenly it’s got the high school seniors thinking and wondering. One of Raine’s friends wants to be a pilot and that’s shocked her parents into going, oh no, you’re NOT! And they’re having big fights over this 🙁 . Thank goodness Raine has no interest whatsoever in flying, whew!

We’ve all been at the crossroads before at that age and for some of us, it’s not been the easiest thing. I remember being clueless and then ended up being somehow nudged into the world of computers which I quickly grew to love. So mine has a happy ending.

But yeah, if you choose a field you’re passionate about, there’s a bigger chance you will do well and be happier pursuing a career you enjoy rather than having to drag yourself in to work every morning.

And I’m so excited for Raine. She has a variety of interests – writing, food, design, people – and there are so many ways she could go with these. She wants to dabble in a bit of everything, of course, but she knows she has to pick one to major in.

She’s feeling the pressure now because some of her friends have already decided or their parents will be deciding for them. We’ve been having these long chats, researching different options, exploring different combinations. We still have a ways to go but we’re getting there 😀 !

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  • M.Z.

    Good luck with choosing a path. Right now I am helping a few family members get adjusted to college or planning for college. It’s difficult the first time and schools don’t make it easier.

  • Angelia

    She is so young! She has the world to open up to. I was lucky I loved travel from a young age, but just now am figuring out, I have so many other interests. Maybe if I hadn’t decided so quickly.

    I love that you are supporting her and her varied interests. That’s terrible that a parent would be so close minded.

    Yay for Raine!


    Man im glad that i still have a while before i have to go through that stuff with my kids. Good luck, sounds like your doing great!

    *your newest follower*

  • Simone

    Planning on checking out your experiences so I can protect my poor mommy ego in a few years… then again, my 5yr old girl is already letting me know how little I know about fashion, so maybe I’m already in trouble!!! lol

    New follower here!

    ~ Simone