Drunk on wurst at the gasthaus

Being that Hip2bDad and I pride ourselves on being such incredibly responsible parents (ahem!), we rounded up our teens and took them out to dinner Saturday night. At a bar, no less !!

Well, okay, so it’s a bar that serves real food, real German food, besides the hard stuff, high stools and beer taps the size of fire hydrants! We were there way ahead of the happy hour crowd so we practically had the Gasthaus (aka Guest House) to ourselves, save a couple of men discussing business over biers and a pair of lovebirds in the back.

There were regular tables and there were bar stools, pretty exciting to our teens on their first bar experience. But all they got to drink was this… (so boring, right?)

.. and a sip each of Hip2bDad’s bier! And in case you’re wondering, ja, that would be a rare glimpse of yours truly in the background 😉 !

With every breath of secondary smoke we inhaled, it’s hard not to be reminded why being in a bar feels so much to me like being stuck inside a chimney. And as Skye promptly reminded us, her teacher says secondary smoke is the most dangerous, duh !

The meal though was absolutely brilliant, beyond scrumptious. But we can’t go there too often or we’d break the bank 😯 ! Thing is we had a grand old time laughing and snapping funny pictures of each other. On the way home, Hip2bDad thrilled us with a crash course in German. Definitely my kind of family night out!

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