Bringing slacker back

So officially I started back at the gym Monday. Well, actually it was the Monday before but after an hour’s worth of cardio, I was so sore I decided to give myself a whole week off. Nope, I didn’t feel any guilt at all, if that’s what you’re wondering 😛 !

After all, the gym has been under renovation for 1.5 months and I felt no guilt slacking off for that amount of time plus another 1.5 months on top of that… which brings us to this past Monday when I happily skipped into the new and improved gym, eager to get down to work on all those lovely new machines and so glad the good ol’ machines that I love are still there.

This is one of my favorite machines. I get to sit down, lean back and look like I’m seriously working out when, in fact, … let’s just say it’s the perfect way to slack off without anyone being the wiser 😉 . Yup, it’s definitely good to be back!

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One Comment

  • M.Z.

    I’m a slacker myself in the workout zone. I haven’t been to an actual gym in over three years but I have been undedicated to FIT TV and Insanity workouts for about two months now.