Night of the Gaga

So there we were, stuck at home with Raine nursing the return of a persistent cough and groggy from her cough medication, and Skye hit by a sudden bout of food poisoning shortly after breakfast. Not sure what caused it – we all ate the same thing but none of us were struck down.

Oh no, not another boring weekend! Know that the mall is our second home on weekends. Take that away from us and we become grouchy and edgy, swinging from the ceiling fan and chewing on our toenails. Or better, watching Lady Gaga videos for entertainment 😯 !

My teens have long sensed that Lady Gaga isn’t someone I necessarily approve of. So it was something of a shock, to both me and them, that a boring Saturday night found me sitting there with my poker face on, watching the Gaga wreathing and writhing ever so unabashedly on the Today Show 😯 !

Sure, she’s bold and talented, I grant her that, and possibly even vaguely entertaining to a shopaholic family with no place to go on a weekend. Still I’d rather she had a little more fabric on her where it matters! I mean, my teens are watching, know what I mean?! Gah!

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  • Tammy

    Uhm, never watched Lady GaGa, have NO desire too, & can’t understand what all the hullabaloo is about. Getting old, I guess. It would take a lot more than shopping deprivation for me, though. LOL

    Sorry for your suffering. 🙁

  • Madison

    My daughter is really into her, but I have to say I think even less of Miley Cyrus. The whole spoiled attitude that she teaches girls is annoying. But then my mom had to deal with Madonna rolling on the ground and singing about virginity.