Twas love at first sight

So it’s been ages since we last went window shopping. And I really do mean ages! As in a whole month, maybe more 😯 !

We had to run an errand downtown recently. When it came lunch time, we decided to head for the nearest mall, all in an effort to avoid the wrinkles that come with lunchtime traffic. I swear shopping was the furthest thing from my mind 😛 .

Then again, is it even possible to be inside a mall and not take a quick look around? I mean, one quick look never hurt anyone, right? Surely a walk after lunch is good exercise, no?

Well, well, well, how were we to know love would be waiting for us? So unexpected, THIS!

Call it love at first sight! Ever the sucker for chunky jewelry, anything that’s even vaguely reminiscent of what the Queen of Sheba might wear is a must-have 😆 ! I love it. Raine loves it. Skye loves it. SOLD!

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