Hearing aid required?

After report card day yesterday, I took the kids to McD’s for breakfast.

Me: I’ll have 3 sets of Breakfast No. 2 please.

Server: Okay. (And a minute later, as if she’s seeing me for the first time!) Yes?

Me: 3 sets of Breakfast No. 2 please with 1 orange juice and 2 tea.

Server: Okay, (punching earnestly into machine) 2 coffee and 1 tea.

Raine 😯 : No, 1 orange juice and 2 tea!

Server: And your order?

Me 😯 : Breakfast No. 2!

Server: What’s Breakfast No. 2?

Me 😯 : Sausage McMuffin with Egg.

(I was tempted to say, “Look, there’s a huge menu signboard behind you with even better than outdoor home lighting and you’re asking me?!!)

Server: How many sets?

Me 😯 : Three!!

I took a good look at the young lady serving us.

  • She looks to be 20, not 85.
  • She has stud earrings on, not headphones.
  • The clock on the wall says 10:42am, not 4:12am.
  • There are no good-looking hunks within a 6-mile radius of where we’re standing.

Pinch me, somebody! This is not really happening!!

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  • Ashley

    Geeze I hate McDonalds anymore. They ALWAYS get our order wrong, or forget something. I mean you have to have a job so you may as well do your best,Right? Its like the cashiers resent waiting on you… 👿

  • Christy

    I could feel my left eye twitching just reading this, I always have to remind myself that patience is a virtue. I went to the drive-thru once at McDs and they asked if it was for “here or to go” oye vey

  • Jennifer

    did you get the right breakfasts?

    also i love it when your spam protection has me add up numbers that don’t require me to count on my fingers. math is not my strong suit.

  • FrenchNad

    I have a great solution: don’t go to McDonald’s 😉 Scary though… maybe you should have ice water ready in your car to WAKE THE GIRL UP next time you drive through a MD…