Just gimme two minutes

Congratulations to myself! I made it through yet another report card day. And why not? I’m a very experienced parent as far as report cards go, having gone from the once-a-year meetings during Steev’s time to the current thrice-a-year charade.

It used to be a very important event that I felt I just had to attend, rain or shine. But over the years, my interest, in meeting the teachers, not my interest in my children’s education, have waned somewhere along the lines of hearing only the negative!

Nothing positive, nothing encouraging – when there’s clearly nothing that drastically wrong with my kids or their behavior at school! I would return from those meetings wondering how to get rid of wrinkles caused by meeting people who have nothing good to say.

Now after umpteen years of going to report card days, I’m an old pro at waving everything off with a smile. Oh and you want my autograph too? You got it 😀 . It’s all purely perfunctory. I know my kids better than anyone else. They’re well-behaved and they get good grades, no matter what anyone chooses to tell me. So there!

Happy today’s meeting with my girls’ teachers took all of 2 minutes each and I was outta there with a big smile on my face!! Nicely done 😉 !

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  • Angelia Sims

    Ha Ha! The cartoon cracked me up! Congratulations on learning the wave and smile. You know your kids better than anyone – I agree. And most importantly? You have their best interests at heart. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  • Cassie

    I do not look forward to the negative berating. I’ve never been known to let things roll off my back. But, I also wouldn’t want to be a teacher in the here and now with all the junk they have to put up with!

    I’m dropping by from Follow Along Fridays! Cheers!

  • Christy

    Good job hip mama! My son will be in first grade this coming fall. So I’ll be learning about report cards. Kindergarten ones don’t really count do they? Fun times ahead!

  • Stroller Guy

    One of the perks of a seasoned parent is perspective isn’t it? What blows me away is how much the grading system has changed. In our school our kids can only be given one of three options … “Under-performing”, “Fair” and “Satisfactory”. They got rid of “Excellent” last year because it made to many kids feel bad about not reaching it. I don’t get it.

  • Gigi

    Our son starts 2nd grade..soon. I’ve realized some people thrive on being negative.

    I’m following your blog publicily via GFC from Follow me Fridays!

    Would love for you to come and follow me back! 🙂

    A Lil’ Of This A Lil’ Of That

    ~ Gigi

  • marina delvecchio

    I love the cartoon, Clairity (and your blog name). I used to teach high school English, and everything was our fault – “My son says he’s failing because you don’t like him.” Yeah, right. You also have a very engaging and funny voice. Excellent blog.

    • Clairity

      Thanks for the kind words. Not all teachers are negative though. Like you, I teach college English but I find students perform better when motivated, not put down.