No ordinary pasta

Lookie here, if you’re thinking this is just any old mac and cheese, you’re wrong! Steev cooked this last Saturday!

Looks yummy, huh? This is his first real cooking attempt though he could cook rice by the time he was 8 and has been cooking the occasional Ramen (instant noodles) since.

And while that mac and cheese was bubbling merrily in the oven, Raine took over the skillet and cooked these spicy tricolor spirals.

Not too bad, eh 😀 !!

I’m so excited that my home cooking classes have finally taken off! But somehow because of all our different schedules, it’s been really hard to organize.

When Steev leaves home for college, I won’t be there to cook for him so he’s going to have to learn in a hurry. Like I tell the kids, cooking is not hard once you get the basics down pat. So begins our crash course.

Looks like we’re off to a good start. If I keep up these cooking classes, he should be able to whip up a few easy meals for himself and the rest of us will need the best fat burners for sure.

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