Beagle report card

Lately Tyson has been one happy baby beagle. Hip2bDad and the girls have been taking him for walks every chance they get. Hopefully that’ll get him to work off the excess energy which he’s been channeling into chewing up the few measly roses and destroying what’s left of our little garden 🙄 !

Here he is with his newfound friend who lives down the road. This Labrador is the only one in the neighborhood who would actually kiss Tyson.

The others, they just either stare as Tyson walks past or they get all upset because they don’t even come close to being the lady’s man that Tyson is 😛 !

Here’s dear Tyson, victorious after an evening’s adventure. Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous? By the way, those dark circles around his eyes aren’t due to lack of sleep ‘cos he’s one sleepy baby.

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  • Rita

    Hi, what a cute puppy. I had my dog for 16 years until recently. She was very sick but had a long life. Cute story and I loved the kissy pics. Adorable.

    • Clairity

      @lula lola
      Funnily enough, he doesn’t but the old beagle down the street from us does. We’re happy Tyson doesn’t howl though 😆 .

  • kristin

    So cute, my favorite is the one with his tongue hanging out – he’s a champ. Although not sure who’s walking who there 🙂


  • Jen Cheung

    awwwwwwie! the puppy is too cute! I have to say when I was in China and my aunt had a dog! I enjoy walking the dog every once as I can! The dog never gets tired for going out somehow! I fell in love with the dog =(. it was so sad!


  • mommy to chumsy adorable. i was just saying to myself that i hardly read about tyson in your blog and when i scroll down, i saw his photo 😀 btw, is this the maximum size of a beagle? Ashley has been bugging us to get her either a poodle or a beagle. of course i would say YES to a beagle but she has to wait till she’s 6 or 7 first 😀

    • Clairity

      @mommy to chumsy
      Tyson is still a pup, less than 1 year old. Not sure how big he’s going to be when he grows up but I doubt he’s going to get much bigger 😆 . I hope he stays small and cute! You should definitely get Ashley a puppy. Pets are a great way to teach kids to be responsible.