Blogathon 2010 and a blog award

I never expected this but I’m thrilled to receive this award from not just one, but two beautiful blogger friends, Liz Has a Life and What Would Jen Do. Thank you, Liz and Jen, so honored πŸ˜€ .

And now for 7 things that you may or may not already know about me:

1. I’ve graduated from bathroom singing in my teens to terrorizing my teens with  my singing bawling!

2. There’s nothing more mind-blowing than spicy food!

3. Me and my girls can’t wait to go for another rock concert. Looks like I may have created a monster when we went to see the Backstreet Boys and then the All-American Rejects twice!

4. I look forward to occasions when I get to dress up and go out for a nice dinner.

5. My favorite nail polish colors are blue, green and purple. I’m growing my nails again and I’m going to splash them with color. Soon!

6. Sometimes I wonder if maybe, just maybe, I’m some sort of schizophrenic. I’m a quiet person but I love to talk. Does that make any sense at all?

7. I hate popping pills even when I have a migraine. So no migraine headache relief for me, thanks, just leave me to my misery. I’m stubborn that way!

And now I’m going to pass this award along to these 3 ladies:

  1. Living, Loving, Laughing
  2. One Day at a Time
  3. Once Upon a Mommy

Oh and if you love blogging and would like to challenge yourself to blog for 24 hours straight, here’s your chance to blog for a good cause. It isn’t as hard as you think, in fact, it’s a whole barrel of fun. Me and my daughters are going to give up our beauty sleep again this year to blog for our favorite charities. Blogathon 2010 is on July 31. Come on and join us. You can check out the details and register your blog here from July 1 (I think).

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