She gives us names

Way back in college, I was the proud owner of a ten-speed bike just like this one except mine was red and black. I named it Scorch!

Scorch and I had lots of adventures, lots of tumbles. I also had a pet cactus which I named Morris after Morris the Cat on a pet food commercial you’ve probably seen on TV way back when.

And my minivan is affectionately called Truck. Okay, so I’m in the habit of naming the inanimate objects in my life. Now you can go ahead and call me weird 😉 !!

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  • Beth

    I name everything. My mixer is named Art, my coffee maker is Esmerelda, my computer is Julius. I see nothing wrong with naming things at all!

  • psyche

    Dont worry about naming inanimate objects because I also give name to all my stuffed toys. 🙂

    Following from the Fun Follow Friday. I’m follow you from now on. Happy friday! 🙂


  • Andrea

    I drive the “naughty audi” and my husband drove “Jet Black! Finest Truck in ALLLL the Land!” We had to say that every time we got in.

  • Nicki Woo

    How funny! I had a bike like that one too. Only mine was blue and black, and remained nameless. I feel so guilty. I’m such a bad bike mom.

    Anyway, found you on Survery Junkies twitter hop, now I’m following you on Twitter and on your blog. Which I love by the way. Come by my place when you have a minute.

  • Lindsay

    The only thing I have named is that lady who tells you where to go on the GPS system. Her name is Lucy and sometimes she doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about : )!