Vacation, or not!

And we’re just now discussing last-minute vacation plans which may or may not pan out depending on whether we can secure plane tickets at such short notice. That’s us, the “get up, grab the backpacks and get going” type.

Whenever we’ve gone on vacations, this is exactly what happens. Hip2bDad or I would jump out of bed one morning and suggest we go somewhere. When Steev and Raine were toddlers, we threw a couple of backpacks together and were soon winging our way to California. With only airplane tickets in hand. No hotel reservations. No tour bookings. No plans. Some would call it midsummer madness!

We arrived at LAX late at night, jumped on an airport bus which took us to the car rental place where we signed up for a Pontiac, tossed in the bags and the kids, and went in search of a motel in the middle of the night. Found one nearby and next morning, we were off to Disneyland, Anaheim.

In our 3 weeks there, we drove up and down the coast. When we weren’t visiting theme parks and local sites, we were looking for restaurants and motels at every stop with 2 toddlers in tow. Hip2bDad and I are crazy like that! We’ve been doing stuff like this even before we got married and having kids certainly isn’t going to stop us!!

Yeah, that’s the way we do it play the guitar on the MTV 😉 !!

Aaand here we are again, trying to pull off another one of “those”! Steev will be heading off to college in California in the fall and we’re thinking, hmm, maybe it’s a good time to make another impromptu trip to Disneyland and the coast.

Great idea, this time the kids can be their own pack mules, bwahaha but wait… so much left to do, so little time to throw everything together. Oh well, let’s see how it goes. If we don’t do it this year, we’ll definitely do it next year!

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  • Sherri

    This is how we used to vacation as well! My dad loved road trips. We would do many day trips… pick a road and see where it goes. We found many interesting things and little hole-in-the-wall type places that would have been otherwise undiscovered by us. Ever heard of an “Outhouse Destruction Derby”? Neither had I …. but on one of our little day trips, we found one! There was this little mom & pop general store/beer joint/restaurant/music spot on some farm-to-market, 2-lane highway in the hill country of Texas. As we were driving by, we noticed several large men wearing t-shirts, shorts, barefooted…. and helmets & shoulder pads! We just had to stop to see what this was about! They had a contest (money prizes) to see who could tear down an outhouse first using only their body-power…eewwwww!