Baby of my brood

Skye, my hilariously funny 14 year old, if you’ve read this blog long enough, you’re familiar with her wisecracks here 😉 . Yet strangely enough, she’s the quiet one. In many ways too, she reminds me of me, the pensive, thoughtful one, usually quiet but can stump everyone with a smart remark right on target 😆 !

Her self-discipline and persistence puts us all to shame. I don’t have to chase and nag her to hit the books. She chugs along on autopilot, even leaving little notes to herself on how she can improve herself.

We have our share of quiet talks where she confides in me about school and her friends and how she plans to train Tyson, our cheeky beagle puppy. I tease her that she’s got the build of a supermodel but she’s quick to laugh and brush it aside 😆 . This is the baby of my brood but she’s growing up fast. But you’ll always be my baby, lots of love and kisses from Mom.

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