Case of the missing golf shoes

Twas a stormy evening when I got home from sending Raine to her tutor’s house. A short while later, Hip2bDad went to collect his golf shoes from the top of my minivan where he’d set them to dry earlier… and they were GONE!! His new shoes, gone!

Of course! I’d driven into the storm without realizing they had been sitting on top of my minivan. How was I to know? Mind you, the roof of a minivan is pretty high up and it’s not as if I were born with a periscope on top of my head 😯 !

The only thing left to do was to keep an eye out for ’em errant shoes on my way to pick up Raine later. Easier said than done. Ever tried looking for a brown shoe on the road in a torrential downpour? Not easy, I tell ya! I felt like Cruella de Vil cruising at snail’s pace, peering out of the window, stalking a brown puppy shoe!

I spotted what looked like a shoe on the ramp leading onto the highway. Steev confirmed it was but there was no way I could stop the car on that busy ramp! OMG! I guess that’s it, it’s probably bashed up anyhow though Steev said it didn’t look like anyone’s run over it – yet!

I drove on and on the way back, we spotted the other side of the shoe a couple of corners from the tutor’s house. That road was pretty quiet so I pulled up alongside the shoe and Steev hopped out to retrieve it. Is it Daddy’s shoe? Yep, and it was still in good condition.

Now for the other shoe. I had to make a turn and head back in the opposite direction to get back to that ramp where we’d seen it earlier. I was in two minds whether to attempt the dangerous feat of stopping on a busy ramp in pouring rain to make a dash for the shoe!

Luckily when we got there, there was no traffic. at. all. On that usually busy ramp? Wow, someone must be looking out for us! I quickly put on my hazard lights, stopped as close as possible to the shoe and with both Steev and I keeping an eye out for approaching traffic, Raine hopped out and in a flash was back in the car with the other shoe!

What an adventure! The most amazing part was that no one had run over either of the shoes. They’re good as new after a day out in the sun!! Hip2bDad is smiling again. And this story definitely deserves to be a chapter in The Adventures of The Hip Family to be handed down the generations 😆 !


  • SweetMummy

    Sounds exactly like something I would do… I’m short, so I would NEVER have seen the shoes on the roof! My sweetie has learned NOT to put anything up there for that exact reason. Glad you found the shoes…. and only a bit wet, too!

  • Melissa

    Hilarious! Glad you found them! I’m friends with a married couple who drove an old beater for a long time. It kind of became routine for them to retrace their routes, looking for hubcaps, etc. 🙂

  • My new life as... MOM!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Blog Hop Friday! I’m returning the love and following you back! 🙂 Oh and WHEW! I bet you guys were stressing when you found out they were missing. I’m glad you found ’em. It makes you feel so much better. I recently lost our garage door opener (it fell out of the car somewhere) and I can’t find it. I only went two places that day and I’ve looked everywhere and it’s neither. So they only thing that I can think of that happened was that it fell out and some kid in our neighborhood picked it up thinking it was a cool toy. We now lock our garage doors in case someone tries to get funky and get into our garage at night. Ugh. Now we have to drive into the drive way, park the car, get out and go in to the house, in through the garage, open the door, get in the car, drive into the garage, park the car, get out, close the garage door and go into the house. Ugh. It’s a mess. We’ll be getting a new garage door opener soon!

  • Lula Lola

    I’d love to have seen your Cruella De Vil impression! So funny!
    Once, my husband went swimming in the ocean with $100 bill in his pocket. He and the kids walked every tide pool with a fishing net. It was hillarious. Big surprise, we never saw it again!

  • kristin

    Whew! That was a close one! I was getting kinda worried there 🙂 I finally had to make myself a rule – NOTHING on top of the car ever! I have driven off and left sooooo many things there. Telephones, wallets and purses, entire meals . . . 🙂


  • Rachel Manley

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  • Clairity

    @Melissa, Kristin
    That’s too funny. So glad I’m not the only one 😆 .

    Me neither. I started out looking much closer to home. But I guess soggy shoes are heavy and won’t fly off easily.

    @My new life, Lula Lola
    I’m willing to bet anything of value won’t be so easily found.