And this is modern parenting?

Speaking of teens, I hear many high school kids are already pros at the clubbing scene, drinking, smoking, staying out all night and doing stuff that a mother’s darkest nightmares are made of. Sure, many of these things are probably happening behind the backs of busy parents.

But I’m told some of these parents are the very ones who drop their kids off at clubs and feed their expensive spending habits, apparently as some sort of compensation for not spending time with their kids 😯 . Aren’t hugs, kisses, picnics and the occasional personalized gift the stuff parents do anymore? Or am I falling behind in the ways of modern parenting here? Just sayin’.

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  • Jennifer

    i was watching reruns of laguna beach, those kids are 16-18 and i couldn’t believe what their parents let them do. my 16 year old is not going to cancun for spring break, unsupervised.

  • Tracy

    If you are falling behind, I am too. I will not be a parent that encourages this kind of thing. My son and I spend alot of time together now and I would hope that I would always be a good example for him to follow. Most clubs around here are 21 and up anyway.

  • Tiffany Lamb

    It is sad what parents do these days. I watch it happen all the time and then the parents turn around baffled at their childs behavior. We need more stay at home parents to spend quality time bonding with their kids so they get enough attention and don’t want or need to act out.

  • cannwin

    I read an article in Better Homes and Gardens that made me just sick. They were talking about Spring Break for teens and one of the main parents featured in the article said ‘It’s inevitable they are going to drink so you have two choices be there when they get back or send them out alone.’

    I nearly died! What kind of parenting tactic is that!? These mothers were going with their kids on these binging trips and consider that to be acceptable parenting.

    I think it’s incredibly irresponsible and misses a major point–it’s illegal for an adult to buy alcohol for a minor. Parents included. So what lesson is really being taught here? Safe drinking habits? Obedience to laws we don’t agree with?

    It’s a egregious mistake to mistake parenting with drinking buddies.