A mind of her own

A group of Raine’s classmates are organizing an outdoor photo shoot for the graduating high school seniors sometime next week. This bunch of 17 year olds are going to get dressed up and have their photos taken at the mall (why the mall? beats me!) by a professional photographer.

My dear princess isn’t keen. It doesn’t surprise me, considering that Steev wasn’t that keen about stuff like that either when he graduated high school 3 years ago. But he being a guy, there was probably less pressure on him. Well, he did go to his high school prom but he came home early and wasn’t that impressed!

Raine tells me she doesn’t want to go. She thinks it’s blah, a waste of time, it’s not really her scene. Says she’d rather stay home and read a good book or hang out with us. I’m okay with whatever she decides. She definitely has a mind of her own, my middle child!

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