Budding specialists

Our resident Miss Party Planner is hard at work planning our school break agenda. That would be Raine. Right now, she’s making movie ticket reservations and a list of our favorite places to eat.

My 3 teens specialize in different things. Miss Pizza Order-er, Skye does all our calls for pizza delivery. It just took her 2 calls to become a pro. Both the girls help me do research on various topics like fashion, dog food and hemorrhoids treatment for articles that I write.

Mr Techie, Steev takes care of the technical side of things around here, including organizing our family movie nights. And guess what? He’s just gotten his driver’s license and he actually drove us home from our grocery shopping this afternoon. Cool, huh?

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  • Shairbearg

    I have 3 boys. The oldest is 3 and already he is very visual and if he sees you do something he then knows how to do it. He likes to help fix things, and help me anyway he can.

    The Middle one is 2, and he already is Mommy’s social bug! He loves to talk and socialize.

    The baby is only 3 month so I am still getting his personality down.