The tortoise and the hare

Yesterday’s torrential downpour was exceptionally bad. Or maybe it was because it happened at a time when I had to send Raine to her tutor’s house and we have to pass through a low-lying area which is very prone to flooding.

I was driving at my normal speed which, even on a regular day, annoys the heck out of folks. But you know what? I pay more road tax than many of them so I figure that gives me the right to drive like a tortoise if I want to. If people don’t like it, they can speed right on ahead. Into the flood.

Which is exactly what one Toyota did. He sped right past me into the deepest part of the flood, rudely splashing water all over my minivan. Bet he never read the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Minutes later, I saw him stalled at the stop lights. Motionless. Stationery. As in Stuck! As in Helpless! With flood water in his exhaust pipe!

The tortoise wins, hehehe!

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  • jennifer

    I always say slow and steady wins the race. Or maybe just steady, i don’t always go slow. But I do enjoy watching jerk drivers fail miserably like that.
    and regarding the note you left on wordless wednesday, what I want is to have a baby. I don’t blog about this on my personal site, but I suffer from infertility and am currently gearing up for IVF in July.

  • jenchehung

    hahahaha your too funny lah! this story cracks me up and yet its so true! long time havent visit your blog! I am finally back from vacation lah! how have u been?

  • Lindsay

    We have been getting a lot of rain in Houston too. About three weeks ago we had to pick my mom up because she couldn’t get her car through the water (and we have drive a big truck). My husband was driving and someone did the same thing. He honked at the guy but they didn’t care. I hate rude people and am glad that guy got stuck! Hopefully you pointed and laughed when you drove by him : ) HAHA