Little delicacies from the heart

We just got back from a nice lunch at a small Chinese restaurant called the Little Dimsum Place. This is our first time there. Nice little place, not too busy and the dimsum (little delicacies from the heart, being the literal translation from Chinese) is pretty good.

We ordered several types of our favorite steamed dumplings, pork and century egg porridge, barbecued pork buns, fried yam dumplings, chicken in glutinous rice, shrimp rolls, fried carrot cake, all piping hot and a pot of hot Chinese tea.

Scary but true, we really pigged out. We haven’t had dimsum in ages so you have to excuse us 😆 . Even though the food is a little salty and I’m drinking anything I can get my hands on, even weight loss drinks, I still have to say the food is yummy 😆 .

Since we’ve barely left the house these few days, I guess this has to be the highlight of our long weekend. Are you cooking or eating anything this weekend that you haven’t eaten in ages?

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One Comment

  • Grace

    Lol i get easily addicted to foods, and usually really simple ones. Like I can have a veggie sub for weeks on end, and my poor husband is like “oh yay. another sandwich night”. haha