More than an earful

I’m sitting in my mechanic’s office one morning waiting for my car to get fixed. It’s usually pretty quiet in there with just one or 2 girls working. But then, a woman walks in, plops her bag on the table, sits down and starts telling the clerk how her car’s battery had gone flat while she’d been away on vacation for over a week.

Then she goes on to relate her travels in great detail followed by tales of her children’s lives, where they are, what they do, things her grandchildren do, the number of cars each of her children owns, her only daughter’s boyfriends, the new business she’s starting and that she’s onapidexin to lose weight… on and on she goes.

I confess I’m not the most chatty person. I’m just content to sit there staring at the walls. But since I have ears, I’m privy to every word she’s saying to that poor girl who clearly is very busy but has to look interested somehow. First chance she gets, she bolts out the door on the excuse that she has something to discuss with the mechanics downstairs.

The minute she’s out the door, the woman turns to ME! Yes, innocent little me, the quiet mouse sitting in the far corner, minding my own business. What you here for? she starts and I’m going OMGosh. Frankly I don’t think she’s interested in me as much as she’s interested in recounting her entire life story. Stories I’ve just heard. Stories I don’t want to hear again. H-e-l-p!

I’m sure she’s a nice person and means no harm. Still 😯 … anyhow, what would you do if you were in my shoes?

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  • Jennifer

    I try to make myself look as uninviting as possible, so people won’t want to talk to me, if often doesn’t work so I think I need to work on my look.

  • Tina

    HA! Do u live in the South? This kind of things happens all the time to me, even in the line at the grocery store. Needless to say, I’ve heard lots of interesting stories. 🙂

  • Lindsay

    That’s funny. But I would actually be the chatty person. I agree about being in the South. This happens all the time. Actually when I go to the Dr. office I try to find the person who looks like they could also be chatty. But there are some times that I wouldn’t start a conversation. Like when someone is reading a book. I would never interrupt someone while they are reading : )