Back to the gym I go

Come to think of it, I haven’t been to the gym for almost 2 months now. Time flies when you’re slacking. I can still fit into my jeans so I guess I’m still good except if I flap my flabby arms now, I could probably fly across the room.

I went there this morning half expecting that the renovations would be going on still. At least that’s what happened when I happily went there last week only to find the place a mess with cardboards for flooring and no equipment in sight. I was only able to use the treadmill at the temporary area so I didn’t stay long.

Well, the new and improved gym is much bigger and more posh than it used to be and best of all, it’s packed with equipment and even has funky lighting. Happiness! I spent over an hour there jumpstarting those lazy muscles. Love it when the place is not crowded. I think I concentrate better and put in more effort. Can’t wait to go again!

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  • Jennifer

    I went to thy gym for about a year, pretty much faithfully and then it just lost its appeal. I wasn’t enjoying the extra drive time or the showering time. so it’s back to the home gym and i still have one arm that’s now with extra flab. the gym didn’t fix that either.

  • Hollywood__Chic

    Hello, visiting your page after seeing your Twitter DM comment. Thank you as I am always interested in developing new interpersonal communication and relationships with others with similar interests. I am so glad that you have a posh gym, it really makes so much of a difference to have one that is appealing vs. one that is well crap..

    I used to be very active in the gym and I still go, I am always crunched for time. I’m trying to start my business in consumer product researching, attempting to reach my dreams in self at home sustainability with terminal illness. It’s a lot of devoted work but just what I want to do, I feel so free as PR is a label I want to wear not terminal. I’m sure anyone would be the same, right? I now do fitness in my home when my health allows. To be honest with you I really miss being in a gym. So I can understand your excitement.

    Please stop by the website and Twitter at any time and say hello. Would love that.