Grocery shopping on Sunday is the pits

I usually try to get my weekly groceries done by Saturday at the latest. Grocery shopping on Sundays are, well, just a little too wild for me. Of late, it’s beginning to feel more like a battlefield. Where do these people come from?

I mean, what can be more frustrating than following a Sunday morning driver straddled over two lanes with his left indicator light flashing when he’s clearly turning right, huh? Or a family having a picnic in the parking lot with groceries, strollers and kids when they know you’re waiting for their parking spot?

On Sundays, the grocery store is one big, happy playground 🙄 . Toddlers pushing shopping carts twice their height and crashing into people and shelves! Kids dancing, doing kungfu, sitting on the floor and turning the aisles into race tracks. Parents pushing empty strollers and parking their carts in the middle of the aisle. Grandmothers strolling along and stopping to smell the vegetables every 10 seconds.

Not to mention, those couples taking a lovey-dovey stroll along the aisle, tentacles wrapped around each other, deep in whispered discussions of what to buy. Seriously, folks, I hardly think grocery shopping qualifies as a romantic escapade 🙄 !

Then there are the folks behind me at checkout who slam their carts right into my butt, then proceed to edge close enough to breathe into my hair and peer over my shoulder as I sign my credit card slip. Just great! Whatever happened to personal space?

So you see, all I want to do is to go in, grab my stuff and get out. Fast! Do you grocery shop on Sundays and is it ever a problem for you?

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  • jennifer

    I do not grocery shop on sunday if i can help it. Those people are wild and the shelves are never stocked properly. I leave my grocery shopping for very early Saturday mornings.

  • Angelia Sims

    Must be the same people from Sydney’s school! Gah! If I can, I go on Sunday morning it’s the best, when everyone is at Church. If I go to Church, I go Monday night.
    You should wear protective gear next time! HA!

  • Tracy Spykerman

    what I hate is how every grocery store has things in a different place. Why can’t they be like target…no matter what target you go into it’s set up pretty much the same way. I only say that because I just moved and had to go grocery shopping at a new store. Well, it was the same store but different location. You know what I mean. Oye Vey!

  • Sandy S.

    I NEVER shop on the weekends! If we don’t have it by Friday night, it can wait until Monday morning or the hubby can go. I have a hard enough time going to the grocery store during the week when it’s close to lunch time. We go pretty early when it’s dead so my almost 3 year old isn’t too restless and driving people nuts and I can get in and out quickly! I haven’t set foot in a grocery store on a weekend in years!

  • Jessica Anne

    I go on Mondays. Never, ever, ever on Sundays. I could probably be actually starving to death and would still avoid the grocery store on Sundays. 🙂