How may I NOT help you?

For the past few weeks, Steev’s been working part-time at a service center. His job is to help the customer get a number, fill out a form and wait their turn.

Now if you’ve been reading my posts about Steev, you’ll know that besides being a total geek, he’s also a very friendly young man with impeccable manners and a really engaging smile.

So it’s not surprising that when customers approach him with technical questions, he’ll happily explain away though that’s entirely his own attempt at providing the best service he can, rather than part of his job specification.

Since Steev started work, he’s been like the shining star in a room full of dowdy service clerks who are grumpy and not too polite. In fact, several customers have openly commended Steev on his friendly disposition and willingness to answer questions as opposed to said clerks. That’s my son 😀 !

Sadly though, that’s the problem right there. The service clerks, fearing that they won’t look too good now that Steev is there, are making life miserable for him. The senior witch complained to the boss that Steev is flouting work rules which she claims is creating a bad image for the company. Say what 😈 ??

As a result, Steev’s had all his privileges revoked and said witch is watching him like a hawk. He’s been told not to be too friendly with the customer, not to answer their questions, not to use his cell phone or his computer even when there are no customers.

I feel really sad it turned out to be such an unpleasant experience for Steev. He’s 18 and raring to go and obviously he’s no match against a 40-something who’s an old hand at office politics. I’ve advised him to just do what he’s told, nothing more, nothing less. If they don’t appreciate his efforts, so be it, it’s their loss. I mean, what else can I tell him? *sigh*

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  • Evelyn

    And “they” (whomever they are) say the youth these days are lazy! Here your son is a shining example of work ethics, and these insecure co-workers who obviously are just doing bear minimum to collect a pay check have to kill his spirit and make him as miserible as they are!
    I hope he rises above them.
    Thanks for the follow. Twitter Hop follower and email blog follower 🙂

  • Angelia Sims

    OH! That sounds like the work place I was at a month ago. People can be so cruel. Why is it no one considers the value of good customer service? And from a young man at that. That is wonderful I commend you for raising him with manners, integrity, and heart. Regardless of this place he will go far.