New driver in the family

Steev went for his driving test today and I was the one having nightmares last night. Isn’t it always the case that our kids will sleep blissfully the night before a test and we are the ones tossing and turning?

And sometimes it’s for good reason. He hasn’t had a whole lot of practice. Not as much as I would’ve liked. In fact, I think he probably has more practice driving a golf buggy than a car. So I wasn’t exactly wide-eyed all night for nothing.

Well, aside from a few ‘heart attacks’ with the test car which turned out to be a crickety old junk with a hand brake that wouldn’t release unless Steev physically hammered it down with his fist and a clutch that refused to budge, everything else went just fine 🙄 .

So hey, we have a brand new driver in the family now! Woo-hoo for Mom who may actually be able to farm out her Mom’s taxi service some days! Hmm, nice thought that!