– there’s no other way to describe this weekend. I chauffeured Steev to a business event in town. Whatever possesses companies to organize events on a Friday afternoon at the busiest mall in the city is beyond me. It took me 1.5 hours of circling the basement like a vulture to find a parking spot!! Can’t think of a more productive way to spend my Friday 🙄 .

Somehow lunch at 4pm was kind of a weird concept. We were hoping there’d at least be a teeny-weeny tea break so we could grab some cookies but no such luck! Steev quietly sneaked out and bought us an apple tart each to tie us over.

Saturday was groceries, bookstore, dinner and a movie. We had one free ticket for the five of us and everything was so last minute, we were still trying to decide which movie while standing in the ticketing line 😆 . So glad we finally decided on “The Losers” which we thoroughly enjoyed laughing and gripping our seats from start to finish.

Today’s lunch was entirely forgettable. I don’t even want to talk about it. Dinner at a al fresco food court in 97 degrees wasn’t exactly my idea of a fun way to end the weekend but at least it saved me from having to open my kitchen.

Throbbing headaches and near migraines aside, I love hyperactive weekends like these. So did we have a good weekend? Raine says yes. Skye gives me the thumbs up. Especially the impromptu movie. We should do impulsive stuff like this more often, my girls say and I’m guessing it just might have something to do with a certain geek 😆 .

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