Never trust a harmless-looking rock!

So I was driving home yesterday from a morning of errands with Steev, deep in mother-son conversation as usual. On the road, I saw what looked like a harmless bit of crumpled newspaper and before I knew it, I was driving over it. This is a busy highway at lunchtime so there was no way I could’ve avoided it.

Whatever it was, I figured my minivan is high enough to go over it. Well, I figured wrong. First off, it was NOT a harmless newspaper, it was a rock. Not just any rock. But a rock on some sort of vendetta because as I sped over it, it hit back with such a vengeance and sonic boom that Steev and I jumped out of our skins.

We were almost home so I didn’t stop to check. It was only after I parked in my driveway that I noticed drops of oil on the floor and then the horror of it. Engine oil leaking from the bottom of my minivan forming a big, bigger, even bigger puddle!

And the front hood of my baby was smoking! Hell!! I’m in b-i-g trouble this time, I thought. I called my mechanic who happened to be in a meeting and could not talk! Hell, mechanics are not supposed to be in meetings 😈 !!!

So I called his assistant who happened to be out at lunch on a motorcycle and couldn’t talk on his cell phone! Hell! So what do I do now? There’s a huge puddle, I yelled at the poor guy. And he says to call the tow truck, pronto!

By the time the tow truck arrived some ten minutes later, the entire 2 litres of engine oil was on the floor of my driveway! Hell! I didn’t know which was worse – watching my poor baby being towed away or wondering how the heck I’m going to clean up that massive oil slick on my driveway!

In the panic, I didn’t think to take a photo but it was definitely far, far worse than this.

Just great!! Looks like I need to install a camera under my minivan now to warn me of rocks with evil intentions. Next up, how we cleaned up the oil slick!

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