What shameless grownies do to kill time

I honestly had no idea this could be so addictive. When my two girls were little, sand art was one of their favorite things to do. I would help them peel off the stenciled parts bit by bit and watch them happily scoop colored sand on each part to create these cute picture cards.

Recently we were at a family day event. We got there too early. I had three teens with me and a full hour to kill. Steev was busy playing cameraman so I wasn’t too worried about him. I was more concerned that the girls and I were just going to wilt away 🙄 . Seeing as how it’s near impossible for any teenager (or their mom!) to survive for more than a few minutes without the internet or their MP player, I realized we had to do something. Fast!

Thankfully we spied a sand art booth nearby with a handful of little kids milling around. But that landscape was about to change! Three utterly shameless grownies would soon be dancing around those colored sand pots, with kiddies half their size, making cards for themselves!

Sand art is really fun. I felt like a kid again and couldn’t resist making, not one, but two of these cards. Can you guess which ones?

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