Still waiting

So I’ve effectively wasted another day waiting for the Electrolux man to show up. My two month old washing machine is springing a leak somewhere.

So soon? Well, I guess I should consider myself lucky it’s still under warranty. I’ve had stuff conk out days after the warranty period expired so I guess this is good then 🙄 .

Still, I hate calling for service. I’d rather fix stuff myself, if I can. Even if it means thumbing through those utterly useless manuals (reminiscent of the ones for my new microwave oven that I’ve had to read from cover to cover, twice, recently) and making a big mess.

The manual mentioned something about the filter cap being loose maybe so I went on my knees, found the darned thing and stuck it back in tight. But that, apparently, wasn’t it! Because it’s still leaking from underneath.

So I had no choice but to call the company last Thursday. Yes, that’s 4 days to call me back and 2 (and counting) days to not even show up. See what I mean? It’s a total waste of my time. I actually put off my breakfast date with a girl friend because the guy said he was on his way over. He must’ve gotten lost in the swamps of Florida 🙄 !

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  • Petula

    Sorry to hear that. Stuff like that really ticks me off. As if you don’t have other stuff to do besides sit around waiting for him. BIG SIGH for you. Take a deep breathe and find a treat for yourself. You deserve.

  • Night Owl Mama

    I’m sorry to hear that . Breakdowns are the kind of thing you don’t read in a review. HOPE that guy fixes it soon and your up and running with no more problems. Comin by from Blog hop friday to follow you have a great day Drop on by I luv new followers too.

  • Traci66

    I am here via Friday Follow and decided to follow you. I hope you will check me out. I am #112 Traci66 on Mr. Linky I am having my first giveaway aldo, it is on my right sidebar at the top. I hope you will join in on the giveaway. I also have several more giveaways lined up. Happy Friday-Traci

  • Shirley Rempel

    Happy Friday Follow! I am a new follower and would if you come by and follow me back! I will be back often to check out your blog! Looks great! Have a fantastic weekend:)