weekend binge

First meal I cooked on my new oven was roast chicken drumsticks and potatoes. Before I stuck them in the oven, Raine and I went over the operating manual twice each, at least. It was so well-written we just couldn’t trust what we read the first time, bah!

In the first half hour, the drumsticks looked soft and I was worried. They didn’t look like they were going to come out anywhere near crispy. Okay, so maybe I messed up with the settings 😕 ! Then again, maybe not.

To my surprise, the drumsticks turned out light golden and crispy. So I figured that’s probably how inverter technology works. It steams the chicken first and then browns it? The drumsticks were somewhat reduced in size but I’m guessing maybe I cooked them too long and they shrank, bwahaha.

Over the weekend, I made garlic bread, salad and these scrumptious buffalo wings came from my oven. What do you think?

Not too bad, eh? They’re beautifully golden and crispy on the outside, plump on the inside. They taste as good as they look here too! Since then, I’ve also made shepherd’s pie that had my kids calling for an encore!! Do I like my new oven? Give us some time and we might just slowly fall in love 😉 .

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