Operation Inverter Oven

Would you believe it? My new microwave oven finally arrived. That means Mom’s cafeteria is officially back in business! And about time too!! Can’t imagine how we survived so long without roast chicken and potatoes, pies, lasagna, chocolate chip cookies and all that good stuff.

I would’ve bought one sooner if not for a few minor technicalities. There’s about 20 different models out there for this one brand alone, almost all the same yet slightly different. One can microwave and steam, another does combination, yet another has oven bake but not convection bake, you get the picture. And I just had to see every single model there is before I can make a decision. I’m OCD like that!

Not all stores carry all models and it was near impossible getting a straight answer from the salespeople about the features of each. Finally frustrated with this runaround, I decided, to heck with it, shortlisted 2 or 3, closed my eyes and picked this one.

A Panasonic steam inverter grill oven, whatever that means 🙄 ! The stainless steel finishing is so shiny I almost need sunglasses to look at it. Beautiful, makes my kitchen look almost chef-y!

The entire adventure took, oh, 6 months, with the procrastination factor thrown in, of course. It felt more like planning a tactical military operation than buying an oven. Glad that’s over! Now I can spend the next 6 months figuring out how to operate the darned thing 😕 .

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