nasty shock

Friday, I was hard at work on my computer (I swear I was!! 😉 ) when I heard the sound of heavy vehicles outside my window. Turned out it was a whole fleet of bulldozers and steam rollers and about 20 men come to re-tar the road outside my house. Okay, great, there goes my peaceful morning and quiet concentration! But at least we should have a half-decent road by the end of it.

When the noise finally ceased, I ran downstairs (that’s my exercise!) to get myself a cup of Chinese tea and as usual, I glanced at Tyson’s spot in the garden. I couldn’t see him. I thought he was probably sleeping again but I couldn’t see him anywhere! That’s when I panicked! And started shouting “Tyson! Tyson!” Not a sound!

OMG, don’t tell me he’s been dognapped. Only the day before, a neighbor apparently had her Nikes shoenapped in broad daylight while she was upstairs surfing! Ack, Tyson is definitely worth a lot more and much better looking than a pair of Nikes 😛 .

I opened the front door and there sitting underneath my minivan was Tyson with his front paws tucked into his chest, looking at me with those big round eyes. He was quiet, his tail wasn’t wagging and he refused the food I offered him! Tyson refusing food?? Now that’s a first 😯 ! Instead he ran straight into the house.

Poor guy! Those awful loud noises must’ve scared him out of his wits. Nasty shock for me too! What if Tyson had really run away to escape the noise? We love the little guy like crazy. Can’t imagine what we would do without him 🙁 .