a whole new meaning to being popular

Steev has been getting an increasing number of late night cell phone calls since he started college. If I were like most parents, my first suspicion would be girlfriends. But I know my son better. In fact, I know most times he switches off his phone at night and those other times when his cell phone rattles and plays his ring tune, I sometimes hear him swear under his breath.

Yup, his popularity rating seems to soar during the semester, not because he’s a party animal who flaunts expensivemen’s polo shirts but because he’s a serious student who does his work, pays attention in class and has a sound command of the English language. He’s frequently the only one in class who knows what and when assignments are due and is clear about what the lecturer wants. Hence the late night phone calls from desperate classmates!

Steev doesn’t like team projects, not that he’s not a team player but if only his team members would carry their weight. In most projects, he takes on the role of compiling the project paper in addition to writing up his own part. Most of his group members submit their portions of the project to Steev, copied wholesale from the internet.

Steev takes it upon himself to rewrite all of his group members’ work (not just compile them) complete with sources and citations before turning it in. That’s a lot of work, additional work. I don’t blame him when he goes off into a bad mood, typing furiously into the night or waking up before dawn to finish up.

I teach English in college and when my students hand in plagiarized work, I will happily give them a big fat zero 😀 . Not having a good command of English is one thing, dishonesty is something else. And get this, some of Steev’s classmates even have the nerve to call saying they want to make advance bookings to be in his team for the next project 😯 !

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One Comment

  • Judy

    Ugghh. I hated team projects in college for that very reason. I always felt like I was pushing the group along and only did it because no one else would.