early to bed, early to rise

Our bedtimes seem to have gone out of whack these days. When my kids were in primary school, bedtime was between 8:00-8:30pm. I was brought up early to bed, early to rise, hence my inspiration for the hours I impose on my kids.

In high school, the kids’ bedtime hovers around 9:30-10 as we have to be up at 6am on school days, and we have multiple alarm clocks to make sure of that. My bedtime is also around 9:30pm, even when I had a fulltime job πŸ˜€ . Lately we’ve been pushing 11pm and that’s late, really late for us and we have the eyebags to prove it too πŸ˜› .

The long school hours aren’t helping. The girls stay up to finish their schoolwork, go to bed late, get up early next morning tired and sleepy, and after a long day packed with school activities, they’re up late again finishing homework. So it’s a vicious cycle, a very unhealthy one. Longer school hours don’t make smarter kids, only grouchy, sleep-deprived and unfocused ones.

Anyways over the past couple of weeks, we’ve worked it out so that we all try to finish up and call it a day by 10:30pm. On weekends, I make sure the kids are up before the bewitching hour of 10am. That’s a whole 2 hours longer than I ever got to sleep in when I was their age. Very generous of me, I know πŸ˜› ! What sort of hours do your kids keep?

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  • kristin

    Oh boy! You certainly don’t want to use us as an example. When my kids were young, they all were early go to bedders. Once they got into high school and college they are up til all hours of the night. We text most the night long if we think of something to say to each other – isn’t that AWFUL!??