tuna in a sea of whales

So my minivan’s spending a few nights at the mechanic’s and being car-less is just not on if you live in the city. Brainwave: borrow my dad’s Tuna Can. I have to admit I’ve never driven a Tuna Can before and it feels weird, maybe because it’s a car I love to hate.

It’s possiblythe smallest, flimsiest car in the world, according to moi (no offense to anyone living or dead who may be driving one of ’em). Drivers of Tuna Cans seem to think they can get away with hogging the fast lane, flying out from nowhere and weaving recklessly between larger cars. Try imagining the little fishes that live off the backs of whales. Yup, that’s how it is and they annoy the heck out of me!

But today, the situation’s reversed and I’m the Tuna. And this tuna is going to put all the other tunas to shame, bumbling merrily down the highway, keeping to the slow lane, and being careful not to annoy anyone. It’s hard but at least I tried. I’m acutely aware that some drivers are cursing me, others are avoiding me like the plague and yet others (bless them!) are actually slowing down to make room for me 😯 ??! and I thought chivalry was dead!

My dad swears by his little car and I agree it’s cute but only if it wouldn’t make me feel so claustrophobic. I guess driving my minivan has spoilt me. I’m definitely the big fish car kind of girl. I like throwing my weight around 😛 . My next car, it’s going to be a truck!

Incidentally Steev is using a stick shift Tuna Can for his driving course. Today was the first time he drove for miles down the highway and he was so excited. So proud of my son and so happy we’ll soon have a new driver in the family.

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