algebra for your entertainment?

So what would I be doing on a cool rainy night holed up in an air-conditioned room with my two daughters and the fan on full blast (brrr!), you ask? Why algebra, of course?

Yup, helping Skye with her homework. Actually it’s not too bad if you’re doing it “For Your Entertainment”, I mean, with Adam Lambert blasting in the background. Gives it that much-needed oomph and excitement you wouldn’t normally associate with either algebra or homework 😯 !

To be honest, I don’t remember being particularly fond of Math when I was in high school. I was never very good at it and it certainly wasn’t something I would do for entertainment, not when there were friends, campfires and hiking trips waiting for me.

What was your experience with Math when you were in school? Did you love it, hate it? Were you a Math wiz? Gosh, I hated those Math wiz’s in my class 😆 !

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